Procurement Contact Details

EA Procurement Ordering Advice Helpline Tel. 028 9056 6499

  • Please initially search the MAIN STORE on iProcurement when raising a requisition.  This will quicken the process and ensure you are ordering from EA contracts. 
  • Non-contract purchases that are under £5,000 will still be classified as procurement expenditure but they are not subject to the full range of procurement rules. However please carefully check that the supplies/services required are not available from an existing EA contract before placing the order; that the purchase is a one-off requirement with a total spend <£5,000; and the requirement is clearly specified to at least 2 potential suppliers.
  • Non Catalogue requisitions will be checked by EA procurement staff but it is your responsibility to ensure value for money.
  • If you have a Requisition or Ordering Query, this should be directed to

EA Oracle System Queries Tel. 028 9056 6853

  • Please contact iFs Team if you have any system queries related to using the system, system setup or to request further training. 

Specific Contract Queries

If you have a query relating to a specific framework on the EAProcure site, please see the list of contract contact details here:

New tenders or contract advice

If you require a new tender to be administered on your behalf (non-contract expenditure >£5000) or want procurement advice regarding specific contracts please contact the relevant Category below: