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23 March 2020 

Any school requiring supplies of cleaning materials, including soap and hand sanitiser, and/or personal protective equipment such as aprons and gloves should complete the order form found here and then either email it to or ring the Procurement Helpline on 028 9056 6499 and provide the details from your order form to the operator. Procurement will then have your order placed directly with EA’s Distribution centre.

No orders for essential critical cleaning material items should be placed with suppliers, EA

·        Disposable gloves

·        Disposable clothes

·        Hand sanitiser

·        Liquid soap

·        Floor disinfectant

·        Aprons

·        Milton/sterilising tablets

·        Blu-centre feed rolls

·        Paper hand towels

·        General Disinfectant

·        Toilet Rolls


Please do not bulk order these items. The EA want to ensure that there are sufficient items available for all schools that require them. If you require additional items once your stock begins to deplete please contact Procurement to place a further order.


All other items for non- critical supplies either for cleaning materials for others supplies and services should be as per the normal EA ordering procedures.


URGENT - 70340 - EU Milk in Schools Scheme

If you have previously placed an order for milk can you please ensure that you contact the relevant supplier as soon as possible to cancel your daily deliveries if these are no longer required.

Dale Farm Limited: 028 9037 2200

Lacpatrick Dairies (NI) Ltd: 028 7034 3265

Grove Dairy Ltd: 028 8167 1249

21 March 2020 

EA has been able to source a limited number of 50ml bottles of hand sanitisers – if you require this item for your school on Monday please contact EA COVID 19 Operations Centre. 

For small value items sourced locally or need urgently (up to a value of £100 for any one purchase) you can buy with your school’s petty cash float or use your own money & get reimbursed from petty cash float. Please ensure that you keep the receipt as proof of purchase.

For urgent orders exceeding £100 please contact procurement at 028 9056 6499 or email for guidance during normal office hours.  if you require guidance outside office hours our COVID-19 operations centre is available 8am – 8pm.

19 March 2020

If you are raising a requisition on iProcurement please include a note to buyer with information regarding the delivery location within the school/building and the individual that the delivery personnel should ask for.

Locations that already have orders placed and are awaiting delivery should proactively contact the suppliers to provide the same information i.e. the delivery location within the school/building and the individual that the delivery personnel should ask for.

PLEASE DO NOT CANCEL ANY ORDERS as suppliers have been bulk buying due to the increased demand and volume required by EA and schools and we will be honouring such orders.

iProcurement is available to access externally via Can you please ensure that all open Orders are also checked to ensure any goods that have been received are receipted




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