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Education Restart - PPE and Cleaning Consumables. 10 July 2020

Please find attached a letter from Dale Hanna, Director of Operations and Estates here.

There has been an updated list of Frequently Asked Questions and guidance and a schedule of PPE and Cleaning Consumable items that you can order from the iProcurement store uploaded.  Please click on the links for full details.

Please note that the List of PPE (Schedule) which highlights both available and unavailable stock which was issued under Dale Hanna’s, Director Operations & Estates letter dated 10th July 2020, continues to be updated regularly due to the availability of items and market pricing. 

EAPS would recommend that you access the most recent schedule on EA Procure prior to raising a requisition, via the iProcurement system to ensure that the items you require are still available. 

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Please find updates here from EA’s contracted suppliers regarding orders and deliveries that have already been placed as well as guidance from Procurement regarding each supplier.

Guidance on Deliveries 19.06.20

Schools are advised that for any orders awaiting delivery, or any future orders placed, they should make the suppliers aware of any access requirements for deliveries to ensure there are no issues.

A note to supplier should be included in your requisition with a telephone number that suppliers can use to discuss delivery.  It would however be best practice once an order is issued to contact the supplier directly to ensure that your delivery requirements in terms of access or time are met and that the safety of all concerned is taken into account.


Bunzl McLaughlin are only sending out deliveries to the schools that contact them with opening times and contact numbers, however in a lot of cases when the drivers try to make the delivery the schools are closed and they cannot get an answer to the contact number that has been provided at the time of the call and the order has to be returned back to the warehouse.

If you have placed an order with Bunzl Mc Laughlin please contact them to arrange delivery.


70033 Text Books 

Schools / end users are reminded that all orders for requirements from suppliers on the Textbooks Contract are to go onto the iProcurement system.

Orders must not be placed verbally via telephone or by emailing a supplier direct. Suppliers will no longer accept orders generated in any way other than the iProcurement system.

Not adhering to these guidelines will delay processing of orders and payment of invoices for the supplier. All orders must be receipted promptly on iProcurement as soon as the goods are received.  Delay in the payment of invoices may affect future orders and deliveries.

Schools / end users are reminded not to accept samples or items offered under a free trial period from any supplier.

Similarly schools / end users are also reminded not to accept extra items delivered in error by any supplier.

These items will not have gone through the appropriate approval path and will not appear on the original order generated on the iProc system meaning that correct processes have not been followed.

For your information the appropriate user guides can be found here (iProcurement Requisitioner’s User Guide 2020) and here (Schools Orders and Invoices).

Delivery of Exercise Books & Stationery Items

Schools are advised that they should continue to place their orders for Exercise Books & Stationery as normal and liaise directly with our contracted suppliers to make arrangements for the delivery of goods to be made to schools now to avoid any logistical difficulties for contractors trying to fulfil multiple back orders across the EA in August / September which may result in delays for schools.

When keying orders onto the i-procure system schools should detail all relevant information for suppliers e.g. delivery date and contact name and number of person who will be receiving the order. We would also remind schools to ensure that all deliveries received from suppliers should be goods receipted on the iProcurement system ASAP to ensure no delay in the payment process.

iProcurement System

If you are raising a requisition on iProcurement please include a note to buyer with information regarding the delivery location within the school/building and the individual that the delivery personnel should ask for.

Locations that already have orders placed and are awaiting delivery should proactively contact the suppliers to provide the same information i.e. the delivery location within the school/building and the individual that the delivery personnel should ask for.

iProcurement is available to access externally via Can you please ensure that all open Orders are also checked to ensure any goods that have been received are receipted



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