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Current Operations Team Updates 

Requirement of Official Purchase Orders (10 October 2023)

Schools/end-users are reminded that most orders to suppliers require an official purchase order as generated on iProcurement. Exceptions to this can be found on the FAQ’s View Topic - Oracle Help for the Web (erp-sop.co.uk) on the iProcurement Purchasing news section. Failure to comply may result in a lengthy time delay for payment to suppliers. Delivery instructions, closure notifications and contact details must also be added to purchase orders to enable successful delivery of goods especially during the summer months / school holidays.

The operations team assist with the creation of purchase orders generated from non-catalogue requisitions – this is done in date order. Calls to the helpdesk also remain busy and we endeavour to answer as many of your calls as we can.


Frequently Asked Questions

The Operations Team's FAQ’s provide guidance and assist with common queries. 


Order Cancellations 

A new email address for submitting a cancellation request for orders generated on iProcurement has been created: ordercancellations@eani.org.uk.

Guidance for Purchase Order Cancellations outlines the order cancellation process for schools and EA Corporate.


Guidance for New Supplier Creation/Amendments to Existing Suppliers on iProcurement

Please find attached guidance on new supplier creation and making amendments to existing suppliers on the iProcurement system. 


iProcurement System

iProcurement is available to access externally. Please ensure that all open Orders are also checked to ensure any goods that have been received are receipted.

There are a number of guidance notes available on the EA website regarding the new Integrated Finance System.  

Please go to this page to view and download copies of these guidance notes. 


Contract Schedules

EACPS would recommend that you access the most recent schedules prior to raising a requisition, via the iProcurement system to ensure that the items you require are still available. 


Findel iProcurement Punchout

Users of iProcurement are reminded to review the guidance relating to the Findel iProcurement Punchout system – as attached in the previously issued letter found here and as found on the EA website under IProcurement Information and Guides. This guide is also included in the EA iProcurement Requisitioner User Guide, Appendices.

One particular point to note is the use of ‘notes to supplier’ – these can be added during the editing stage and must be added at Header Level within a requisition. They cannot be added at individual Line Level within a punchout requisition.

Letter Re: Findel iProcurement Punchout 


Delivery of Goods to Schools and other EA locations from Great Britain

For the attention of requisitioners and budget holders – as you are aware new rules came into effect on 1 January 2021 in relation to the movement of goods between Great Britain and Northern Ireland. Please review the information on ordering goods from Great Britain prior to placing orders with non-contract suppliers in Great Britain.